intelligent growing

Meet grojo: The first and only open source, secure, remote grow room controller and monitoring system designed to help you get bigger yields, better results, and happier plants.

grojo is a secure, connected device that helps indoor growers control, monitor, and respond to alerts from their grow rooms, no matter where they are. We enable wireless data collection, stream analytics, reporting, alerting, and more - for your indoor garden. Always on and connected, with data stored safely and securely in the cloud. Take your indoor gardening to the next level with grojo.











beautiful design

You put a lot of time, money, and effort into your grow room, and we wanted to create a product that would complement and reflect that. So we spent a lot of time making grojo's design both functional and beautiful. We cut the cords wherever possible, ditched the clunky industrial shaped cases and components, and built it from the ground up in favor of a more modern approach.











easy setup

We know that not everyone is a computer whiz, so we made the interface on grojo really easy to understand. You can get grojo out of the box and set up in under 5 minutes. The hardest part is remembering your wifi password.












control your grow
from anywhere

What was our biggest anxiety with indoor growing? Getting away! But grojo helps. At its core, grojo is a remote grow room automation controller and alerting system. Set alerts on any metric, and choose how they are sent to you.

Our controller system is based on zigbee technology, so several existing smart electrical receptacles will work with grojo. Control lights, fans, CO2 generators, cooling systems, dehumidifiers, or even turn on a radio to let your plants mellow out to some classical music while they sleep. With grojo, the possibilities are endless.

Temperature a little high? Get an email. Temperature really high? Get a text message and mobile notification, and have grojo turn on your cooling system. Or just check in on your plants any time to see how they are doing: monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 saturation, light levels - even check if your fans are circulating air. And if you're really curious, there's also a camera feed...

grojo helps give us peace of mind with our grow room, and we hope that it will for you, too.







jam-packed with features


...and built in zigbee and bluetooth wireless control systems


sensors & data

  • Remote Control - grojo has built in Zigbee and blue tooth controllers. We integrate with several off-the-shelf smart outlet systems and will be rolling out more support in the future. This means you can control lights, fans, or anything else you want via 120vac/15A smart receptacles.
  • Infrared Imagery in HD - grojo can help tell you if your plants are starting to get stressed out from pests, disease, or nutrient problems.
  • CO2 - Higher levels are good but too high is just a waste. Keep it in the sweet spot.
  • Temperature - Is your grow room running too hot? grojo can tell you.
  • Humidity - Excess humidity can cause mold and other problems. Keep it in check!
  • Light - Are your grow lights on and shouldn't be? Get an alert.
  • Heartbeat - In case your grojo is completely offline due to power or internet failure, our servers can let you know that something is wrong.

hardware & security

  • Secure - We are serious about security! Banking level encryption is used on all inbound and outbound data. We can even securely route all encrypted images and data from your grojo through servers in another continent to keep prying eyes out. Only you have access.
  • Powerful - A quad core, 64-bit compute platform is at the core of every grojo.
  • Always Updated - grojo integrates with our secure cloud environment to ensure that as we roll out new features and device support for grojo, you'll have them.
  • Battery Backup - In case the power goes down in your room but your wifi is still active, we can send you an alert. grojo will switch to a power saving mode and keep collecting metric data while the power is out.
  • Offline Data Storage - And in case the power's still on but your connection is down, everything gets stored safely to internal storage until the connection is restored.
  • LCD - What good is remote monitoring if you have to pull up your phone to check the temperature while you're in your garden? A 7" LCD tells you everything you need to know.


Interested in grojo?

We are still under active development and prototypes are being tested now. If you have any interest in becoming a beta tester or early adopter, we'd love to talk to you! Click below to sign up for our beta test list.